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Know your worth, believe in yourself, create a beautiful life.
— Dr. Darnise

As a trusted advisor to women from all walks of life, including politics, academia, corporate and entertainment, my mission is to remind each one of us to honor ourselves into authentic expression that leads to success in love, abundance, and purpose by speaking our truth, creating a life of purpose and meaning, and finally letting our light shine brilliantly.

I invite you to embark on your own quest that is calling to you. When you answer that call, it will completely transform your life. If this is where you are in life, ready to bloom and start your authentic journey, I will walk with you illuminating your path as you go.

I've designed three tracks of focus, love and relationships, life purpose, and empowering success strategies that help you complete that big project. In addition, you can select from three different coaching packages, Pearl, Diamond or Sapphire to support you starting from a 6 week jumpstart level to a 6 month VIP intensive level with me. Where do you want to start?

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