Your path to true love

Relationships Are Spiritual Work -- Get Ready To Do Yours


Love Is...

That priceless something that we all long for. Every living being responds to love, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. None of us lives well without an extended network of relationships, and most of us crave an intimate partnership with that special someone we can call our "forever-person." Like many women who are successful in other areas of life, you may feel that love and a true relationship are the things that you have missed out on.

There's a lot we do for ourselves out here, but we do still love our men, and want to build meaningful relationships with them. Some of us have been burned, given up, forgotten how or lost confidence.

All of this can be reclaimed and revived. Stop for a minute and relish in that vision you've been keeping in your heart. How does it feel? Warm, inviting, exhilarating, sexy, fun, flirtatious...?

Ok, well what's the problem? Why does love seem to be so elusive and complicated? Why are feelings hurt and hearts broken more often than not?

Here's why...

Most people expect that being in that forever relationship means that all of their needs will be met by that one person, and that that one"right" person will make them happy. Life will be filled with romance, baby making and bliss. What's missing in this scenario is the inner work that relationships call us to do. Relationships Are Spiritual Work! I cannot stress this enough. In any close relationship, you will have the opportunity to see yourself for better and for worse, and to heal, grow and love more fully. Without this understanding people simply blame outer circumstances and each other. The inner work does not get done. Resentment, Disappointment and Heartbreak follow. Leading still into unhappy unions or an endless flow of Repeat Performances, chasing that "perfect" person.

What Can You Do About It?

Set yourself up for a successful, happy loving relationship by FIRST, doing your own inner work. Enter into your next relationship, or renew your current love life with an authentic sense of yourself. Know yourself, Love Yourself, Be Yourself, and Have The Love You Deserve!

I have designed this Path To True Love so that you can get ready for the lasting, intimate relationship you desire. We start on the inside, where it counts the most.

Love Attraction Begins On The Inside

Here’s how we will work together:

You’ll choose your time and investment level, pearl, diamond, or sapphire.

We’ll meet weekly by phone over a period of 6 weeks, 10 weeks or 6 months, and begin your personalized path toward loving yourself, and making way for the love of your life. This is the period of preparation for that great love.

You will receive a complimentary copy of my new and expanded Love Attraction Workbook which will help us dive deeply into who you are and how you love. 

You will receive a complimentary copy of my new and expanded Love Attraction Workbook which will help us dive deeply into who you are and how you love. Depending on the timeframe you select, you can expect to explore yourself in these areas: 


  • Reclaim Your Feminine Power and relax your way to a passionate, intimate love life

  • Attract Your Mate in alignment with your highest, most authentic version of you

  • Learn Special Tips For Women 40+

  • Take The Empowered Woman's Page and Feel Renewed, Loving and Fierce!

  • Reclaim Your Dating Confidence

  • Learn To Understand What Motivates, Enchants and Gets Men To Commit

  • Gain Resources for better communication in your relationship

  • Recognize Your Relationship Patterns -- do you sabotage yourself?

  • Discover Your Relationship Archetype -- who are you in relationships?

If you’re ready to do the inner work necessary for attracting your great love and your forever partner, I’d love to talk with you about it.

Schedule your personal, complimentary call with me today!