Date Smarter, Have Better Relationships: What 40 something women need to know

Dating can be a funny thing especially for grown women past the age of say 35 years old. Dating for grown women means that we have much more clarity, but often much less patience for the okey doke. We often have another level of expectations in meeting a potential mate than we did when we were younger, and as well we should. We have had more experiences and learned more about ourselves. We understand that relationships can be fun, sexy and romantic, but that they are also work and require the commitment of both people.

Even though we may be at least somewhat savvy, things can get murky, especially if you’ve been out of the dating loop for a while or just don’t quite know what to make of meeting a man in this new world with social media and casual hook ups as the new normal. I get it, and I’d like to share with you some ways of navigating your love life to move you closer to having the loving and lasting relationship that would mean so much to your life.

I’ve put together a new online course to help decipher some of the grown woman dating rules and tips that I think will help along your journey.

The course is called, The 40+ Something Woman’s Blueprint to Dating, Love and Relationships. It’s what every grown woman needs to know to date smart, and having lasting, loving relationships:  Everything A Grown Woman Needs To Know To Date Smart & Have Lasting, Loving Relationships.”

In this course I will discuss things like:

  • Understand Man-Speak and His Super Hero Syndrome
  • Why Women Fail At Casual Sex
  • How To Know A Good Man When You Find Him
  • How Not to Play Yourself in the Dating Game
  • How To Maintain A Relationship – It’s Not Always What You Think It Will Be

Plus, lots more...but registration is only open for a limited time until July 31, 2017

Come on over to the site and see all juicy details for getting your man!


Darnise Martin