Hi, I'm Dr. Darnise

I'm Glad You Are Here. Are you Ready To Follow Your Calling?

Over the last 15 years I have been helping women recreate themselves into who they really want to be in this life. I work with women who are opening up to the highest vision of themselves, but often get stuck and confused about what that is, how to walk that path, and how to overcome her fear and obstacles along her way. I am a mystic, visionary, trusted advisor and life transformation artist...

I KNOW THIS WALK...My own journey led me into a life crisis at the ripe old age of 25. My fear, doubt and confusion set me on a path of self-discovery and awareness that sent me on a journey from my home state of Ohio to New York City, Greece, London, Hong Kong, and now California.

I went from Fashion Avenue to Seminary to PhD to my Hollywood Life today. All of that was part of my quest for meaning that now gives me the insight and gifts to help individual women who struggle with authentic identity so that she can own her brilliance, her quiet genius or bold dreams that can completely transform her life.

IF THAT IS WHAT YOU SEEK, you might be interested to know a little more about me…

I came into the world as a spiritual seeker and teacher but ignored that initially. I was in denial of my true desires, interests, and path. I shut down my gifts and deepest curiosities because the path seemed too obscure, unknown and risky. Those things were just not practical, so I began to live according to how other people thought I should.

Not really knowing what to do with myself after college, I moved to NYC to begin my career in the fashion industry. I worked first in menswear at Liz Claiborne, and then Ralph Lauren. I was a creative and spiritual type but needed to make my mother happy with something that seemed at least somewhat normal, even if not the most practical. I at least had a sense of a business career in a creative field that would culminate in my becoming a top level executive. Sounded great. Sounded glamorous; but how did that work out for me?

FAIL, I HATED IT! It was my own The Devil Wears Prada nightmare!

But hating it would turn out to be an enormous gift! I was not in alignment with my own truth, and hating that work caused me to look around for something else.  I literally felt insane wondering which way to turn. My best friend today will tell you that she remembers the day I came into work at Liz Claiborne, marched right into her work area, and asked very seriously, “Do you think that I am going crazy?” It sure felt like it because I definitely did not fit in. It was a huge red flag that I was NOT living in my purpose. Of course I didn’t really get it then! Hey, I was only 25.

After various twists, turns and emotional upheavals that took me all around the world, what I came to realize is that my inner calling would not be silenced. It stalked me, showed up in my dreams, took me down unknown streets in foreign places to meet messenger angels who gave me the next clue to follow.

I LEARNED THE WAY. Now I know the lay of the land. I know how to read the landscape where signposts are few and far between. I discern the way and follow it with confidence, faith, courage, prowess, vision and mastery. I decided to let my light shine from my heart, knowing that it won’t lead me wrong.

 As a trusted advisor to women from all walks of life, including politics, academia, corporate and entertainment, my mission is to remind each one of us to honor ourselves into authentic expression that leads to success in love, money, and purpose by speaking our truth, creating a life of purpose and meaning, and finally letting our light shine brilliantly.

I invite you to embark on your own quest that is calling to you. When you answer that call, it will completely transform your life. If this is where you are in life, ready to bloom and start your journey, I will walk with you illuminating your path as you go.